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Southern California’s Premier Aerial Arts School

HEADQUARTERS: 3001 RED HILL AVE. (cor. Kalmus – see the YELLOW AWNING)) BLDG 1-107, COSTA MESA CA 92626

[lg_image folder=”Banners/” image=”RKP-intro.gif” caption=”Ruby Karen Project” align=”center” display=”image”] One of Southern California’s premier aerial arts schools, The Ruby Karen Project, also known as Orange County Aerial Arts, is a mobile organization providing students and spectators alike with both aerial dance instruction and aerial performances. The school’s discipline and area of speciality is in AERIAL ARTS which include Tissu/ Silks, Hoop/Lyra, Hammock, Corde Lisse and Mallakhamb Rope, Cube, Static Trapeze, and inventive apparatuses.  Supplemental to this are other Circus Arts to name:  Contortion, Acro-Balance and HanAerd Manipulations as well as Dance in the form of Ballet, Contemporary, Latin, and Theater Arts. The founder and director of Orange County Aerial Arts, Ruby Karen is a seasoned veteran in the performing arts industry. With over 40 years of experience in the fields of dance, circus arts, sports and fitness Ruby Karen has taught and performed continuously in over 20 countries and 50 cities, with repeated invitations for return visits. Ruby proudly holds three world titles, one from the Ballet Pas de Deux, another in acro-gymnastics partnering from the world-renowned World Championship of Performing Arts, and another from the Mayan World Salsa Championship—professional division.  Alongside RKP’s school, Ruby Karen is also the founder of Aerial Arts America, a non-profit organization that sets the standards of the Aerial Arts discipline.

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What makes RKP unique

An array of innovative classes fusing aerial arts, dance, and fitness–individually designed by none other than Ruby Karen herself. The various classes give students the opportunity to learn and hone skills in a fun, encouraging environment; adherence to technical skills and safety protocols are of utmost importance in all classes.

What type of classes are offered?

  • Aerial Dance Fitness©-a specialized approach to learning aerial tricks with the combination of ground movement and sports conditioning on aerial tissu, hoop, and hammock.
  • Tissu /  Silks – Climb, Drop, Dive and slide on this long fabric that dangles from ceiling to the floor
  • Hoop / Lyra – Manipulate your body along the contours of this circular steel hoop that hangs above
  • Static Trapeze/ TrapSilks – bar supported by ropes or fabric
  • Hammock – tricks on fabric with a loop at the bottom
  • Pole: Aerial (Flying Pole) – Chinese and Mallakhamb Pole – derived from the classic Chinese and Indian pole sports, typical tricks include climbs, inverts, straddles and slides.
  • Double Cloud and Tissu Fussion – an innovative apparatus with fabric hammock and silks manipulations
  • Circus Arts – Stilts, Hand Balancing, Contortion
  • Barre Stretch Workout – Ballet based fitness exercises using mainly the barre
  • Aerial Yoga (Low Height Hammock Conditioning) – Aerial and Ground exercises using the hammock
  • Movement & Dance – Latin, Contemporary, Lyrical & Modern Jazz
  • Hand Manipulations – Juggling, Staffing, Flags, Ribbon, Hula Hooping
  • Performing/ Theater Arts use movement, music, and some acting and Waalaa!!!
  • Acrobatic Adagio (Solo and Partnering work) – train for solos and duos doing acrobatic skills on the ground and in the air
  • Footwork and Styling fast, complex and intricate foot combinations

Upon enrollment in any of these classes, you will have the ability to upgrade your enrollment and join the Apprenticeship Program.

Where do we teach?

We currently offer classes in Costa Mesa (our headquarters) and Downtown Los Angeles. The Ruby Karen Project prides itself on being a mobile organization with the freedom to “set up class” in various locations, assessing clients’ needs and designing classes to the desired level and skills–feel free to contact the school for more information.

Why chose the school – Ruby Karen Project or its affiliating performing companies?

With four decades in the performing arts and fitness-education industry, our organization takes great satisfaction in having created a classroom with a structured curriculum. Having the necessary creative and technical know-how, we boast our faculty to have under their belt, formal aerial training of no less than 3 years and are experienced certified aerial instructors. That said, our instructors have a variety of skills, vast vocabulary and styles, and are trained for safety technical methods using step by step, concise and clear instructions. Our motto is to baby step a lesson …. a student is encouraged to master previous lessons while at the same time, move forward to the next set of skills, while developing strength and endurance. Regardless of your physical background, once you step into any of our classes, you will become certain that based on our initial assessment, our lessons are geared towards your level and we make sure that we tap into your ability and encourage your spirit, keeping in mind safety protocols. Also know that our organization is one of a handful with complete circus aerial arts, performing arts, and fitness insurance coverage.

Watch our Corps de Aerialists (students from our Apprenticeship Program), as they perform at various events

Here is a video clip of our Aerial Dance Fitness classes


Here is a video clip of Orange County Aerial Arts