Aerial Instructors and Performers – Get Certified with IATTP

Accredited by AERIAL ARTS AMERICA, International Aerial Teacher Training Program will prepare you to teach proper technique in a safe environment.

The Ruby Karen Project introduces its certification program, the International Aerial Teacher Training Program (IATTP), designed to safeguard the public by providing cutting edge training for aerial arts instructors in a safe environment. Accredited by AERIAL ARTS AMERICA, the IATTP program is the best certification yet offered to highly motivated, dedicated and passionate candidates, as it related to the Aerial Arts discipline. With its rigid, highly detailed step by step structured syllabus. the enforcement of strict execution and form during its intensive training, the required teaching residency, examinations and public performances are just a few elements that IATTP has to offer, not to mention technical, moral and business ethic elements, as incorporated in its program. The following certification programs are offered:

  • Hammock Fitness
  • Aerial Hammock (Level 1 & 2)
  • Hoop Fitness
  • Aerial Hoop Dance (Level 1 & 2)
  • Aerial Tissu (Level 1 & 2)
  • Aerial Dance Fitness (most comprehensive certification)
  • NEW!!!!! Aerial Performer

All Certification courses come with the following:

  1. Up to 14 days of intensive training (6 – 8 hrs a day) for Fast Track Course and 6-Months for Regular Course
  2. Comprehensive Workbook Manuals for each course with up to 125 pages (Latest Edition)
  3. Technique Sessions (Skills, Trick, Transitions, Fall-back Protection Methods, Progression Process, Syllabus Design)
  4. Rigging education customized for Aerial Instructors
  5. Artistic Development including choreography and presentation
  6. Business Strategies and Modules
  7. One (1) Hour of Private Session with IATTP profession to discuss or train on a variety of aerial and business specialties
  8. Two (2) sessions of Practical Teaching Examination
  9. Written examination on each specialized course
  10. Rigging Practical and Written Examination
  11. 30 Hours of Residency  (within 1 year)
  12. Performing Arts examination for each apparatus (to be accomplished within 1 year)
  13. Discount Apparatus and Aerial Hardware
  14. Procurement of CPR/ AED Certification (from 3rd party)
  15. Post Training Support Channel

We have the Fast Track (9-15 days including all written and practical examinations) and Regular Track (4 – 6 months).

Fast Track IATTP Course are every 3rd week of May and 2nd week of November.  The days vary depending on the number of students that enroll for the course.  However it takes approximately 9-12 days including all examinations.  Course takes approximately 35 – 42 intensive hours of technique classes and approx. 5 hours of written and practical examinations.  Schedule varies each day but normally starts from 9am – 5pm

Regular Track IATTP Course: March & October  Days vary based on student’s and school’s availability. Course is once a week for 3 hours and depending on the student response, the course can take between 4-6 months.

Tuition Fees: (email us for a complete list)
Hammock & Hoop Fitness: $1000.00
Aerial Dance Fitness, Aerial Hoop Dance or Aerial Silk Level 1: $1,350.

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