Camps & Workshops

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Wed. Dec. 27 1pm – 3pm

Cost:  $45.  All Levels
618-B Moulton Ave. LA 90031 

Sat Dec. 30 1PM – 5PM
Level: Beginners/ Intermediate
Where: RKP Headquarters


SAT. DEC. 30  5PM – 7PM
Intermediate – Pro Levels
Where: RKP Headquarters
RKP Headquarters
3001 Redhill Ave. Bldg. 1 Ste 107
Costa Mesa CA 92626




We had successful summer camps since 2009 at various Orange County and Los Angeles locations, including our very own headquarters in Costa Mesa. A variety of circus, aerial, dance and sports discipline are integrated in the package. We invite dance and gymnastic studios to partner with us to conduct onsite or off site camps. If you are interested in hosting a summer camp at your location, please contact us. For a list of our upcoming summer camp locations, please click: Summer Camp 2017

Great for Kids Age 5 – 15 yrs who have had no training or very little training in circus disciplines (acrobatics, gymnastics, aerial arts and hand manipulation and alike)

Aerial Acrobatic Intensive Workshops-2016

For serious students wanting to marathon their technique. Ideal to aerialists with over 8 months of training experience. Accepting ages 7 and up.

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We highly suggest reserving at least 48 hours in advance. If you are reserving for the same day, more than likely you will not receive a confirmation because we have finished the processing cut off time. You may still come but we cannot guarantee accepting you in class because the class may have already be full.

Please address any communication via email to: Thank you for your understanding.



Email us or  TEXT (714) 330-7484 to reserve your private session

Jump your aerial vocabulary with these special training sessions.  You will learn unique tricks and composition including various levels of DROPS – ROLLS and FLEXIBILITY shapes. Choose from various options according to your level. Each option equates to up to 12 lessons, thereby learning these at a shorter period of time and provides big savings appropriated for your aerial tuition. There are at least TEN (10) OPTIONS to choose from.
COST:       Single Person: $120/1.5 hrs             Double:  $170./1.5 hrs.


OPTION 1:  Recommended for Beginners 2 – TISSU: single leg foot lock basic combination including roll-ups aka “candy cane”, shape forming e.g. kite, balances (Upright, lean back on tissu),tilts, front leans e.g. “titanic”, vertical split and transitional moves in between these tricks and shape forming

OPTION 2: Recommended for Beginners 3 – TISSU: Opposite roll-ups aka “reverse candy cane”, roll-up with a straddle hook aka “bow and arrow” shape, horizontal splits, standard and open layouts and transitional moves in between these tricks and shape forming
Prerequisite:  On Air: foot lock on single leg

OPTION 3: .Recommended for Intermediate 1.1 – TISSU:  Double foot locks, flexibility forms,  triple roll-up aka “rotisserie”, cross back variations and drops; transitional moves in between these tricks and shape forming
Prerequisites: Standard and eggbeater/ dancers footlocks for single and both legs

OPTION 4: Recommended for Intermediate 1.2 – TISSU: Double inverted crochet, cross-back; catcher’s wrap and variations after including front dives (open and wrapped); swings, spins and  transitional moves n between these tricks and shape forming

OPTION 5: Recommended for Intermediate 1.3 – TISSU: Double inverted crochet, cross-back; catcher’s wrap, front dive knee catch aka “crunchy frog” and its variations, slides and slack drops,  front/back dives e.g. tic tac and transitional moves n between these tricks and shape forming

OPTION 6: Recommended for Intermediate 2 – TISSU: Double front dives (e.g. “Angel”) and slide drops (e.g. “peacock”); hip keys standard drops; basic belaying wraps and transitional moves in between these tricks and shape forming

OPTION 7:  TISSU: Reserved for Intermediate Advance Levels:  combinations will vary according.  Choices of various star drops; ankle drops, back dives and more… This shall be discussed with the student as major pre-requisites would need to first be assessed during the private session.

OPTION 7:  Recommended for Intermediate 1 – 2:  LYRA/ HOOP:  Hip drops, contortion based flexibility including straddles and front splits on both top and bottom bars, spinning technique

OPTION 8: Recommended for Intermediate 1 – 2:  LYRA/ HOOP: Stress leans with contortion shapes; circles (hip and elbow)
Prerequisite:  Basic stress leans; 180 degree front/back leg flexibility and straddle splits; hip balances

OPTION 9: Recommended for Beginner 1-2 – TRAPEZE: Basic mounts and dismounts,  beats,  back and hip balances,  basic rope stands,  amazon,  pull overs. skin d’cats and transitions between top rope to barre and vice versa

OPTION 10: Recommended for Beginner 3 – TRAPEZE: Angel combinations, ankle slides,  meat hooks,  russian rolls, birdsnest, catcher’s hook variations, flexibility splits and straddles and transitional moves

OPTION 11: Recommended for Intermediate 1-2 – TRAPEZE:  Barre and Rope combinations including handstands, pullover, eagle, montreal, x-man, flag and fireman’s pole.

Other trapeze moves for intermediate and advance students will be posted soon.

Email us or  TEXT (714) 330-7484 us to reserve your private session

Apprenticeship Program

Apprentice Program

The program is geared towards pre-professional and recreational training in Performing Arts with Aerial Arts, Circus Arts, Acrobatics and Dance.  Each applicant will be assessed and placed based on their skill sets, level and background. Apprentices get to perform at the Pearson Amphitheater, the OC Fairgrounds, TRI-ART Festival and other public demonstrations.  And each year, the school produces its full-length production in the spring setting old and new repertoires on each of our apprentices.

For more information or to view the apprentice guidelines and contract, please email us.

Here is a ink to our apprentice schedule which we conduct everyday except Tuesdays.  We encourage our apprentice to take as many sessions as offered to take full advantage of the training sessions.   We require our apprentices to  attend at least 1 weekend session.

Tuition Fee schedule: Click Here


Past Workshops and Camps

February 25, 2017:  STATIC CLOUD and TRAPEZE DUO Workshops by Rachel Walker

WEEK 1:  Kids Summer Circus Camp:  June 23 – 27, 2014

June 22, 2014:  Jacob “Kujo” Lyons  Workshops

May 25, 2014:  Terry Beeman Workshops

July 16, 2013:  Hoop / Lyra Workshop by Kristi Monson

July 23, 2013:  Static Trapeze Workshop by Kenneth Kalabases

July 30, 2013:  Aerial Hammock/ Double Cloud by Ruby Karen

Aug. 13:  Juggling & Stilts by Christopher Yates

Aug. 1, 2015: Rhythmic Gymnastics Workshop by Kristin Kaye

Nov. 13 – 15, 2015:  WCAAF Workshops featuring

Aurelie Dauphne, Svetlana Delous, Jeannette Bent, Jason Waugh, Ruby Karen, Luca Cecchini and more.

Dec. 27, 2015:  Aerial Hammock Workshop by Ruby Karen

March 13, 2016:  Cavalia Odysseo’s Spencer Craig’s Aerial Hoop and Hand Balancing Workshop

June 18 & 19:  ROPE MALLAKHAMB by India’s Chinmay Patankar

December 30, 2016: Winter Intensive

5pm – 6pm:  Corde Lisse & Mallakhamb Rope; 6pm – 7pm:  Silks/ Tissu; 7pm – 8pm: Dance Trapeze


International Aerial Teacher Training Program
Click here for more information.