Tuition Fees, Guidelines, Reservation & Cancellation

How much are these classes? Class fee varies depending on the type of class, the number of classes you buy, the age group and whether the class is a regular class, a specially organized one or a workshop. The following fee rates for regular classes are outlined below:



  • Students are required to arrive at least 5 minute and for new students, 15 minutes prior to class.
  • Online reservation is required.  Additionally, each student is required to sign-in on our attendance sheet (inside the studio) when they arrive.
  • All students are assumed to be in physically good condition (upon filling of registration questionnaire and history of attendance).  When a medical condition arises that hinders a student from performing any physical activities, a medical clearance signed by the participant’s doctor is required before resuming training.
  • Each student is assessed when taking any class.  Lessons are adjusted based on the teacher’s assessment and student’s response
  • Proper attire is a must.
    • Female: Tight fitting clothes (leggings, leotards);
    • Men: Jogging/ sweat pants and body hugging shirt and step ins/ dance belts/ brief
    • All tops with sleeves. No zippers or buttons
    • No jewelries,  especially earrings, rings and necklaces that are protruding or have sharp edges)
    • Barefeet, no gloves
  • Students are required to have a mat under them when boarding an aerial apparatus.
  • To ensure safety and proper training, please listen to your teacher at ALL TIMES.
  • No liquids other than water in a close cap is allowed inside the studio.



  • There is a first time registration fee of $30.00 except for customized and single (Drop-In) classes.
  • Class cards expire after 30 days of payment date or when the 1st class was taken, whichever is later.
  • Due to the complexity of our scheduler program set-up, we only allow exchanges on class packages.  The class package can only be assigned to another person if it has not yet been used.
  • If you are availing of the promotional rate, please note that only one promo will be recognized. You may reserve or pay your classes online here.  Please check fine prints of your promo deal for additional restrictions.
  • Rates and class schedule are subject to change without notice, but we shall make every effort to notify you.
  • We accept credit card, cash or check when paying in person.
  • There is a late fee of $15./month for regular paying apprentice student.
  •  There will be a $25.00 penalty fee for any returned check.
  • Whether reserving or just checking on classes we offer, we encourage you to register online and fill out the Release of Liability Form. We will also have these forms available in person. Please arrive 5 minutes before the class starts.
  • Due to class size limitations and for safety reasons, please make your reservations online DO NOT MAKE RESERVATIONS IF YOU ARE NOT SURE TO ATTEND THE CLASS.
  • When reserving on a WEEKDAY MORNING class,  please reserve the day before the schedule class and ideally 24 hours in advance or no later than 6pm the day before.   We normally check the reservation system at 6pm at the latest on a daily basis.
  • Cancellation of your reservation ONLINE must be done 12-24 hours in advance.  Failure to do so will be considered used or taken. Any late cancellation or “no-show” will be deemed class taken.
  • We cannot guarantee acceptance in class if you did not reserve online.
  • Our scheduling system, Mindbody allows you to manage your account. If you are paying for someone else, e.g. son, daughter, friend, spouse…,  please make sure to register his/her name as well in our system and use the PAY FOR option, otherwise, said student will not be able to reserve in advance.
  • Each student manages his/her own account.  The account reflects the reservations made, the cancellations made, the expiration of a package, the number of visits made and similar activities.  Before consulting with our staff regarding accounting, class package status, reservation, cancellation or expiration, please refer to your account first, as the answers are reflected i your account.
  • In situations where a student requests any type of special account adjustments or a dispute which could have been resolved by simply reviewing the students account records, and if the tasks falls outside the normal administrative function of the school, administration fees shall be applied and at the expense of the requesting student and fees shall be billed by the hour at a rate of $12./hr.
  • For Apprentice students, please note that your account is automatically charged every month.  Notice of termination should be made via email before the contract expires.   And early termination of contract shall be charged $100.
  • Scholarship or Exchange Program: Please see Ruby Karen to discuss possibilities.



Item Name Service Category Price
Aerial Beginners – 4 Class Series Aerial Tricks $91.00
Aerial Beginners – Single/ Drop In Class Aerial Tricks $32.00
Aerial Beginners 4 Classes – New Stud Registration Aerial Tricks $124.00
Aerial Dance Fitness – 4-Classes Aerial Tricks $91.00
Aerial Dance Fitness – Single/ Drop-In Aerial Tricks $32.00
Aerial Dance Fitness 4-Classes + NS Registration Aerial Tricks $124.00
Aerial Dance Fitness 8-Classes Aerial Tricks $176.00
Aerial Dance Fitness 8-Classes + NS Registration Aerial Tricks $207.00
Aerial Dance Fitness Single/ Drop-In Aerial Tricks $32.00
Double Cloud – Single/ Drop-In Aerial Tricks $32.00
Kids Aerials – 4 Class Series (6-11 yrs) Aerial Tricks $68.00
Kids Aerials – 8 Class Series (6-11 yrs) Aerial Tricks $114.00
Kids Aerials – 8 Classes+Registration (6-11yrs) Aerial Tricks $145.00
Kids Aerials – Drop-In/ Single (6-11 yrs) Aerial Tricks $22.00
Kids Aerials -4 Classes+ NS Registration (6-11) Aerial Tricks $99.00
Static Trapeze – Single/ Drop In Aerial Tricks $32.00
Static Trapeze 4 Class Card Aerial Tricks $91.00
Trapeze 4 Class Card + Registration Aerial Tricks $124.00
Aerial Conditioning 4 Class Card Aerial Fitness 68.00
Aerial Conditioning 4 Classes New Stud Registratio Aerial Fitness 99.00
Aerial Conditioning Drop-In/ Single Aerial Fitness 22.00
Aerial Crossfit – 4 Classes Aerial Fitness 68.00
Aerial Crossfit – 4 Classes New Stud Registration Aerial Fitness 98.00
Aerial Crossfit – Single/ Drop In Aerial Fitness 22.00
Aerial Yoga w/ Hammock – 4 Class Card Aerial Fitness 68.00
Aerial Yoga w/ Hammock – Drop-in/Single Aerial Fitness 22.00
Aerial Yoga w/ Hammock 4 Class Card + Registration Aerial Fitness 99.00
Apprentice Contract Apprentice $191. (12 yrs old & Up))
$168. (6 – 11 yrs old)
Tango – 8 Class Series Dance 100.00
Tango – Single Drop In Dance 15.00
Movement 4 Aerialists 4-Classes + NS Registration Dance 99.00
Movement for Aerialists 4 Classes Dance 68.00
Movement for Aerialists Single/ Drop In Dance 16.00
Acrobatics – Contortion – Tumbling – 4 Classes Ground Acro-Fitness 68.00
Acrobatics – Contortion – Tumbling + Registration Ground Acro-Fitness 99.00
Contortion/ Flexibility – Single/ Drop In Ground Acro-Fitness 22.00
Hula Hoop – Movement – Acro – Juggling Ground Acro-Fitness 60.00
Rhythmic Gymnastics – 4 Classes Ground Acro-Fitness 68.00
Rhythmic Gymnastics Plus New Student Registration Ground Acro-Fitness 99.00
Single/Drop-In: Acro-HulaHoop-Juggling-Tumbling Ground Acro-Fitness 16.00
Yoga – 4 Classes Ground Acro-Fitness 60.00
Open Aerial Gym – Single – Enrolled Student Open Aerial Gym/ Practice 11.00
Open Aerial Gym – Single – Non-Enrolled Student Open Aerial Gym/ Practice 16.00
4 Aerial Tricks Private Sessions Private Lessons 300.00
4 Dance/Ground-Acrobatics Private Lessons 185.00
Aerial Tricks – Single Private Lesson Private Lessons 88.00
Dance – Ground Acrobatics Private Lessons 65.00