Creative Lab Session

by Invitation Only
offered to our apprentices at NO COST

Students (Advance Level) are also welcome but need to be approved by RKP Directors

About the CL Session:  Geared towards creativity of existing skill sets and based on vocabulary of the student, the Creative Lab is also where the students interact with each other and synergize the energy for innovation based on learned skills.  IT provides time and space to methodically put together creations with mandatory elements of story telling, audience impact, artistic content, educational and entertainment value.

It is a platform for the student to choreograph pieces for upcoming projects of the apprentice or student showcases. It also provides the opportunity to develop existing fundamentals and vocabularies to expand and perfect choreographic phrases.
This session is by invitation only based on assessments by RKP directors.

To schedule, sign up and reserve online

Check out our YOUTUBE Playlist for our students and apprentice’s creative performances

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