IATA (Membership Program)

As the leading aerial arts organization in the community, Ruby Karen Project reaches out to many individuals and organizations that require guidance, whether from an educational, artistic or financial standpoint.  It is committed to promote strength and vitality by providing various services that meet the needs of our aerial community.  The following services are offered:

  1. Co-sponsored scholarship programs with its alliance partner, Aerial Arts America.
  2. Membership to the International Aerial Teacher Alliance (IATA).  The IATA was formed to provide guidance to teachers and school organizations relating to educational system and the business operations relating to aerial, circus and dance arts.  IATA also provides joint effort  marketing and promotions for its members.  It also hosts social activities for networking and provides a platform to organize joint projects.International Aerial Teacher Alliance
  3. The Ruby Karen Project also provides consultancy in the form of private sessions.  The areas of consultancy ranged widely from pre-professional, professional, post-professional guidance, production management, creative direction and curriculum build-up.

Whether you are just starting out, a post-performing artist/athlete, or you are rising up the ranks in the industry, ask Ruby Karen anything and everything about dance, music or fitness. With her vast experience, she will provide you with advice and resolutions to better assist you in your endeavor. And whether the issues are within or fall out of her boundary, she will also direct you to someone whom she believes will be competent to answer your questions.

Booking a session is easy….  the sessions can be in the form of getting together for a cup of coffee, setting up a studio session and combining this with a private class, or even through a telephone conversation. The idea is to make you feel comfortable enough to open up and speak out, so that the assessment portion is completely extracted.

Most common topics are listed below.


  • Getting to know yourself and listening to your body
  • Identifying dance form and medium
  • Getting fit, building strength, endurance and speed
  • Simultaneous group and personal training
  • Occurrence and duration of training
  • Working with others
  • Energizing through exercise and nutrition


  • Social Dancing vs. Stage Performance
  • Competitions
  • Shows
  • Overall appearance and pose
  • Ruby Karen’s theory of “if it feels good, it looks good”

Teaching and Choreographing:

  • Various levels
  • Creating a syllabus
  • Utilizing fundamental techniques
  • Manner of executing isolated movements and combinations
  • Transitions including coming in and concluding a movement
  • Overall appearance and pose

Financial Issues:

  • Getting the necessary training even though your finances are tight
  • Maximizing your resources

International Aerial Teacher Alliance (IATA)

What is “IATA” (International Aerial Teacher Alliance)? Organized three (3) years ago, IATA is a pool of organizations that stem from the Ruby Karen Project’s teaching certification program and serves to provide guidance to teachers and the performing arts organizations relative to education, marketing, standardization, funding and production/ rigging issues. IATA is committed to: provide …

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