International Aerial Teacher Alliance (IATA)

International Aerial Teacher Alliance

What is “IATA” (International Aerial Teacher Alliance)?

Organized three (3) years ago, IATA is a pool of organizations that stem from the Ruby Karen Project’s teaching certification program and serves to provide guidance to teachers and the performing arts organizations relative to education, marketing, standardization, funding and production/ rigging issues.

IATA is committed to:

  • provide guidance in the member’s syllabus
  • licensing of the RKP curriculum and it’s IATTP* based teaching method, to help standardize the aerial arts education.
    *International Aerial Teacher Training Program
  • conduct Placement Examinations to member’s students/ clientele
  • provide joint programs that will compliment and entice business growth .
  • enhance the cultural and artistic environment through productions and entertainment

Become a member of the growing alliance of performing artists, schools and organizations.

[important]Introductory Offer[/important]:

Individual Member:  $75./ annually

Organizational Member:  $150./ annually

Partner/ Franchise Member:  $500./ annually

Membership Sign up:  IATA Membership