Online / Realtime Instructions

Online  AND Realtime Instructions:

We offer some online instructions on a one-on-one basis with our clients.  The process includes emailing us for your specific request:

For example:  “I want to learn the first class instructions for Beginners Aerial Tissu.

We will then send you a link to our first class instruction or we can live stream  private sessions (via SKYPE).  Since the school advocates proper teaching techniques, we do not jump into levels unless, we have made an adequate assessment of your level.  Otherwise, we provide instructions based on our syllabus.

DVD – Ruby Karen’s Ground and Aerial Acrobatic Partnering for Dancers

Specializing in various dance disciplines from ballet to salsa, Ruby Karen is measured as a total package in the field of performing arts. She delivers a style that is innovative, but still makes sense. Whether for social dancing, performance or competition, this DVD demonstrates basic yet intricate tricks with detailed explanations. You will be enlightened by your own ability to execute these moves which will empower and highlight your performance.

DVD includes 10-12 acro-adagio/ acro-gymnastic partnering tricks.

Bonus tracks include exhibition moves, performances and music video by Johnny Polonco Y Conjunto Amistad.

Price: 25. (U.S. Dollars) plus shipping and handling.