The Ruby Karen Project is a proud sponsor of the WCAAF, happening this Nov. 15 – 17. Come and take part in this exciting festival, by either entering as an aerial competitor, donating time, skill or resources, or being one of our avid sponsors.  For more information, check out:  www.AerialArtsAmerica.org

1st Annual





  1. 1.       What are the Competition Categories



Amateur/ Semi-Professional/ Professional

7 – 12 years old Tissu, Hoop, Trapeze Amateurs
13 – 20 years old Tissu, Hoop, Trapeze Amateurs
21 years old & over Tissu, Hoop, Trapeze Amateurs
OPEN: Theatrical Acts – Solo
Standard, inventive or other or mixed apparatus Amateur/ Semi-Professional/ Professional
OPEN: Theatrical Acts –Duo &  Group Standard, inventive or other or mixed apparatus Amateur/ Semi-Professional/ Professional


  1. 2.      Definition: Amateur – Semi-Professional – Professional?

Amateur: Any person who has not received compensation as a result of any aerial performance or for instruction.  Verifiable statements (AAA form) from the contestant’s instructor/ mentor, coach or any reliable person that can attest to his/her activities shall be submitted as part of the application.

Semi-Professional:  One who received compensation as a result of up to 5 events in a year, whether for instruction OR performance.

Professional:  One who whether intermittently or regularly receives compensation in more than 5 events/ year for either instruction or performance.

  1. 3.      How do I apply?

Complete the application package and pay the fees.  We want to provide all contestants an opportunity to enter and so, if you are financially tight, we welcome payments of up to 4 installments.  Please check our website for links to the application package and the payment page.  Click here for the Application Packet


  1. 4.      What is the cost to enter in the competition?  

Competition Fee:

$100.00 /entry / category

$50.00 /entry / 2nd and subsequent category entries


Ticket sale requirement:

Sunday, Nov. 17, 2013 – Yost Theater: 4 tickets per entrant.

Each ticket costs $20. of which $5.00 is for you to keep.

You may also buy additional tickets at a discounted rate of $15.00 (and you get to keep $5.00).


  1. 5.      What about foreign/ out of town applicants? 


Foreign and out of town applicants are those whose residence is outside the Greater Los Angeles area.  We will be setting up accommodations at a discounted rate at lodging facilities and arrange for hosting families.  For foreign nationals needing a formal invitation, please let us know ahead of time and we will prepare this for you.


  1. 6.      What are the awards?


Each category will have an award consisting of a trophy/ medal and more from our sponsors.   There will be a special award for the overall performance.  We will feature you and your act at various aerial arts outlets controlled by Aerial Arts America, including guaranteed casting by one of our sponsors, the Circo Etereo’s production at the Yost Theater commencing December 2013 and onward.  More information shall be posted when new development arises.


  1. 7.      Will there be a culminating showcase for the winners?


Yes, all winners will have the chance to perform their master piece at the YOST THEATER, Sana Ana on Nov. 17, 2013 at 6p,.  This showcase shall be open to the public and tickets will be sold at $20.


  1. 8.      How will the competition be judged?


The panel will consist of 3-4 judges, carefully selected based on their master credentials as teachers and performers.   The criteria for judging will be based on technical skills, choreography and transitional interpretation, artistic elements and overall interpretation of their act as it relates to musicality, rhythm and dynamics.


  1. 9.      What is the a minimum number of contestants per division?


There shall be at least 3 contestants per division for its competition to commence.  Otherwise, the division will be mixed with the nearest division by apparatus and certain adjustment with the judging criteria shall be made to accommodate the combined division.


  1. 10.   What is the required Aerial Percentage Content (APC)?


For any category, there must be at least 80% aerial related movement within your act.   Please remember, that although your ground acts might be beautiful, this is an aerial arts competition and judges are required to score according to movements that are above the ground.


  1. 11.    Is there a limit to the category I apply? 


No, so long as you pay the application and other related fees, and submit your entry before the deadline, Oct. 31, 2013.


  1. 12.   Some technical information you need to know.


  • Height from the hardware to the floor is 20 feet
  • The applicant has a choice of bringing her own apparatus or using our apparatus
  • If the applicant chooses to bring his/her apparatus, this shall be inspected by our certified rigger
  • There will be a hoist available.  The hoist speed is 33ft./min.
  • There will be mats available for all artists.  Any acts that require flat flooring shall have with them a person who will drag the mat when the candidate is hoisted up.
  • If you are using the hoist, please bring your hoist operator.  Said hoist operator would need to meet with our technical director for guidelines.
  • Please consult with our technical director, Luca Cecchini (lucachn@gmail.com) for any questions or rigging set-up.
  • If you are selected to perform at the showcase held at the Yost Theater, the vertical space is 26 feet.  If you have any major modification in your act, you would need to present this during the technical rehearsal.


If there are questions we have not answered, please email us:  aerialartsamerica@gmail.com


  1. 13.   What is the duration of your act? 


The act shall be between 4 minutes – 7 minutes.  The timing of the act shall start from when you start your move, whether from the wings or from the ground, even without touching the apparatus.  Any act that fall outside the duration frame shall be mandatorily given a deduction and shall not be allowed to continue the performance.


  1. 14.   How do we exercise safety during the competition?


Aerial Arts poses many risks including slips and falls that may result in injury or death.  The organization prioritizes in safety and shall exercise any and all precautions and safety measures in order to make the event a safe place.  Our licensed rigger shall check your apparatus when you register and sign in.  There will be mats on the floor during the competition.  Contestants are asked to execute moves and/or choreography they have mastered.  If for any reason, any part of your act is considered unsafe (including any resulting entanglement), the organization has the right to end your act in order to prevent any or potential injury.  Additionally, all contestants, performers and guest artists are required to sign a Release of Liability.




  1. 15.   File format for your music. 


Please prepare your music in any of this file extension/ format:  Audio CD or MP3 with 320 kbps.  Store this on a regular CD and bring a back-up copy in another format/ player, e.g. IPOD


  1. 16.   Is costume a major consideration? 


No, costume is not a determining factor.  The organization requires all contestants to wear solid color for one’s act.  However, if you will perform at the culminating showcase – November 17 @ YOST Theater, you are encouraged to use your costume.


  1. 17.   Invitational Applications


If you think your act is breathtaking from technical and artistic standpoint and want to showcase this as a performer at the festival’s culminating night, please submit your act on Youtube  (private setting) and we will take this into consideration as a guest performance on the final SHOWCASE, Sunday, Nov. 17 @ Yost Theater.  You may email us the video link.  Please note that even as a guest performer, you may be required to pay the application and other related fees, upon approval of your appearance.



For any questions, please contact us.  Other festival departments shall be listed soon.


Contact Information:

Ruby Karen




We look forward to having you be a part of the WEST COAST AERIA ARTS FESTIVAL!

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