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Circo Etereo Videos

CIRCO ETEREO USA, is the professional entertainment full-production company that stems from international artists and graduate of the Orange County Aerial Arts (the pre-professional troupe of the Ruby Karen Project School of Performing Arts).  Circo Etereo has been in existence since its principal and artistic director,  Ruby Karen started her professional career in the United …

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Promo Videos

Orange County Aerial Arts Videos

ORANGE COUNTY AERIAL ARTS comprises of the apprentice students of the Ruby Karen Project.  It is the performing troupe of the school, which is another form of training.  The troupe performs regularly at many venues including its own annual production every Spring.  It performs regularly at the OC Fairground’s Imaginology, The Pearson amphitheater’s Summer Concert …

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Miscellaneous Videos

CIRCO ETEREO and other Recent Video Uploads, including Orange County Aerial Arts, Ruby Karen Project and Aerial Dance Theater activities

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