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Mumbai, India: Jan. 21, 2016

Directors, Ruby Karen and Luca Cecchini visited India to learn it’s prominent sport,  Mallakhamb Art (Rope and Pole) from the master guru, Uday Deshpande at Shree Samartha Vyayam Mandir.  On the same token, the Ruby Karen Project’s educational flagship – the International Aerial Teacher’s Certification Course (IATTP) was passed on to Mumbai’s Fly High’s studio headed by Aditi Deshpande, in an effort to provide formal aerial arts training to India.  The partnering of the Ruby Karen Project and Uday Deshpande’s Institution, Shree Samartha Vyayam Mandir is just one of the many cultural international education that the RKP school actively promotes, as it visions to provide a platform to future aerial arts education with other international cultural arts and sports around the globe.


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